Your Brain Can Only Take So Much Focus

The ability to focus is an important driver of excellence. Focused techniques such as to-do lists, timetables, and calendar reminders all help people to stay on task.

Few would argue with that, and even if they did, there is evidence to support the idea that resisting distraction and staying present have benefits: practicing mindfulness for 10 minutes a day, for example, can enhance leadership effectiveness by helping you become more able to regulate your emotions and make sense of past experiences.

Yet as helpful as focus can be, there’s also a downside to focus as it is commonly viewed.The problem is that excessive focus exhausts the focus circuits in your brain. It can drain your energy and make you lose self-control. This energy drain can also make you more impulsive and less helpful. As a result, decisions are poorly thought-out, and you become less collaborative.

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Q: How to get started and survive as a Service Designer in a tech startup? A: Invent your own job!

My first working experience and some tips for the Service Designers of this centuryAs Oppenheimer states in his book “Create or Die”, the children of tomorrow will have to invent their own jobs, quoting Thomas Friedman and his article for the New York Times:“My generation had it easy. We got to “find” a job. But, more than ever, our kids will have to “invent” a job. ”Starting from this premise, in this century the biggest challenges for millennials like me, are to find a job where we not only feel fulfilled but where our skills are being used, so we can grow professionally. Unfortunately, that dream job does not always exist.

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How to Become a #Coach or #Consultant After You Retire #smartcreatives

The vast majority of senior professionals don’t want to “retire.”

They have interesting, fulfilling work that they’d like to continue — just not at the frenetic pace of top corporate jobs. That’s why so many, lured by the promise of flexible hours, higher rates, and location independence, are intrigued by the idea of becoming a consultant or coach when they retire from their “official” career.

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My point of view: do not limit yourself to these – often – “red seas” options. Find your blue ocean as a writer, an artist, as an entrepreneur or an educator. Keep in mind and be aware that you protect your assets: your financial capital, your intellectual capital, your working pleasure and sound relationships in a changing environment.

David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence #smartcreatives #design #ideo

We as humans get inspirations from a variety of sources, it can be something we saw, heard or felt during our journey through life. And if you ask people what inspired them the most, they are most likely to surprise you by citing a person’s name as their source of inspiration.

David Kelley is one of such personality, a source of inspiration for many people, not just in the design community but to everyone who listens to his speeches.

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(Smart) Work in progress!

2016 has been a turning point for Smart Working in Italy.

The expansion of initiatives is especially growing within larger companies, while the number of Smart Workers also increases, potentially to 23% of the workforce.

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