The data-driven personalization platform True Fit has boosted its capabilities with a “Shop for Others” function that lets users build additional profiles for friends and family members.

The feature relies on rich data and connected profiles to eliminate sizing guesswork and help shoppers buy clothing and shoes for others, according to a press release. True Fit said a good amount of apparel and footwear for the family is bought by one primary shopper — the female.

“Shop for Others makes shopping easier for those who already purchase apparel and footwear for other people in their lives, and finally gives those who don’t buy clothes and shoes for others the confidence to give it a shot,” said Romney Evans, co-founder of True Fit, in the release.

Carhartt, a True Fit partner, said the new feature is helping it leverage customer insight.

“At Carhartt, we are excited to expand our partnership with True Fit to include Shop for Others,” Anna Cole, director of e-commerce operations, user experience and merchandising at Carhartt, said in the release. “Our end customer is not always our shopper, and this new feature from True Fit will really benefit those consumers shopping online for gifts. We are excited to leverage the valuable insights we’re gaining about our consumers and their behaviors.”


My point of view: looking at the concept of Fitbit (i’m addicted to the app, i have to admit) i have severe doubts how alliances of this kind will contribute to the operational success in the long term.

True Fit boosts personalization with new shopping capability
Article Name
True Fit boosts personalization with new shopping capability
A new Fitbitt alliance
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