We talk a lot about digital transformation at Futurum, and it’s no wonder why.

Most businesses today—regardless of industry—believe they are in the middle of disruption.

The companies that are succeeding in the midst of this chabuilding dragons.pgnge seem to share similar DNA. They’re agile, have strong leaders committed to digital transformation, and they’re focused on creating a unique customer experience—all things we’ve talked about before, especially in our book Building Dragons.

A new study by Microsoft and Harvard Business Review, “Competing in 2020: Winners and Losers in the Digital Economy,” further illustrates these points. The team looked at things like the pace of innovation and how prepared business leaders were for the changes being presented. They also looked at different industries to see which were ready—and open—to change.

The following is a brief overview of their findings.

Read about them at: Analyst Reaction: Competing in 2020 – Futurum

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