Step 1: Understand & manage the moments that matter for your consumers

A few years ago, we collaborated with the Dutch airline KLM to help them define opportunities to improve the transfer experience of their frequent flyers. Through the setup of a Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community), we connected with them and asked them to take us along in their transfer experience to understand their frictions and aspirations when transferring.

To our surprise we collected plenty of consumer frictions on board before arriving in the airport for transfer, before the on-the-ground transfer services were available.

This taught KLM to deal with transfer-related consumer needs way earlier in the journey.Many companies have this kind of blind spot, overly focusing on improving their existing touchpoint experiences while overseeing to deliver at times when it truly matters for consumers.

This issue brings us to the first layer of our consumer centricity model: defining the moments of truth and developing touchpoint experiences to suit these moment, not the other way around.

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