o-GIRL-READING-facebookWhen global executives want to understand the nuances of the digital economy, one person they ask is David L. Rogers. A sought-after speaker and consultant to companies such as Google and Toyota, he’s also Columbia Business School’s faculty director of programs on digital marketing and digital business strategy, as well as founder of the school’s BRITE Conference on brands, innovation, and technology.

9780231175449His latest book, The Digital Transformation Playbook (Columbia Business School Publishing, 2016), explores how incumbents—companies with business models and cultures that predate the digital era—can hold their own against the onslaught of digital-first upstarts.We asked Rogers to talk about the difference between innovation and disruption and how to resist the dangerous temptation to use new technologies to pursue the same old strategies.Q. You contend that digital transformation depends less on new technologies and more on a new approach to business strategy. But does strategy drive transformation, or vice versa?

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