Digital marketing jobs are the most in demand for marketing departments, while advertising and content rank as the most sought after skills, according to a recent hiring report which discovered that the need for marketing talent exceeds the supply with mid-level marketers the most in demand.

The study polled over 300 directors, vice presidents, C-level marketing executives, as well as hiring managers.

Focusing on the issues and trends that are important to the careers of those in the marketing departments, the report concludes that hiring numbers are at times inconsistent across marketing functions as is the supply of available talent.

marketing job opportunities

Digital advertising (27%), followed by content creation and curation (23%) and content strategy (20%) are the skills most in demand, while those that are least in demand include project management (10%) and both direct response and partner marketing (11%). Further, SEO/SEM is seeing a diminishing demand at (19%), along with lead generation (16%) and marketing automation (14%).

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