Some designers wax poetic about how design is intrinsically inseparable from art and some even will go as far as calling themselves artists.

Not Firstborn executive creative director Dave Snyder.

Snyder has never believed that art is part of design. For him, the moment you bring in someone else’s interests—like a brand’s!—it becomes design, not art.

Maybe the sacrilegious sentiments stem from the fact that he studied marketing and advertising way back in school. “If I had gone to school for design, I don’t think it would have worked,” he says of his career. “I really needed to learn the business side of things first and then later on in my career discover true graphic design “gurus.””

The outspoken Snyder has built his career around the concept of design being a great business strategy.

His current role is dedicated to pushing that process forward and helping brands like Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and reposition themselves through good business solutions that are equally beautiful (as evidence by the boatload of awards Firstborn has won in recent years).

We sat down with Snyder to get his insight into the current state of digital design and the difficulties interactive designers face compared to print designers

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My point of view: One of the misunderstandings of these days is that a designer has an artist or artisan background. In that approach designers are idea generators, visualizers and prototypers.   That is not my point of view. My adagium comes from the management writer Herbert Simon, who stated that “Everyone designs who devises courses of action  aimed at changing existing into preferred ones”.  As stated by others, this version of design tends to abstraction and general expertise.

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