The first day of the 2017 IA Summit overwhelmed me in the best way possible.

I attended a variety of sessions, talks and discussions about how machines and humans are meant to work together, as a team, to solve the different challenges people face today.

In keeping with the theme of “Designing for Humans,” some talks expanded on the role of the information architect and how they can enhance their own skills and add value with the aid of artificial intelligence—and not the other way around.

Here’s a quick overview of what I saw, and how we can use AI to enhance our own abilities.

Keep in mind, “it’s not our fault, but it’s our responsibility”As information architects from all over the world gathered at the Hyatt Regency in Vancouver, keynote speaker Alan Cooper, co-founder of Cooper, shared his “Ranch Stories” and described how software and interaction design should be built the same way a farmer takes care of its land.There should be “responsible craftsmanship” in the way product developers and companies design their products, keeping the user at the core of all decisions. Cooper stressed the concept of nurturing products so that they become sustainable, and not just fast-growing money machines, as current practices encourage.

Creating and building products should be a long-term goal, where the value generated for the people and society trumps the desire to make money and earn profit. Cooper wants us to understand that “profit is the by-product of quality” and quality will only come when designers, like all of us here at IA summit, take on the responsibility of helping to solve challenges that make the life of users better in the long run.

Nurture machines using our IA skills

In AI for IA’s: Machine Learning Demystified, Carol Smith used her expertise as a Sr. Designer at IBM to give an overview on artificial intelligence. She showed us how information architects are central in helping nurture and develop systems that are in turn helpful for the people that use them.At its core, AI is but a tool to save time for decision making

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