Each technological age has been marked by a shift in how its industrial platform enables companies to rethink their business processes and create wealth (1).

As we are standing on the brink of a new chapter of capitalism are we limiting our ability to rethink due to how we read, measure and perceive the world – how we cherry pick our data?

By limiting our data to what can be easily measured, the digital industrial age (industry 4.0), once such a promising new chapter, has been reduced to nothing more than an efficiency gain to the extractive business processes of the 20th century

.This needs to change!This article is from my talk at the Smart & Clean Helsinki Metropolitan side event at this years SLUSH Festival in Helsinki.

The dark secret

The world is keeping a secret from us – our aggregate efficiency. It is the amount of energy coming out of a process compared to how much is going in. And the secret is that this number has been stuck at 13% (US) for the last 30 years (in Japan it’s at 22%) (3).

So, no matter how much innovation and effort we put into the system we are still burning this planet’s resources by a measure of 87 to 78 percent for every process we perform in production and distribution.

To be clear: our current technological platform, even at maximum efficiency, hasn’t got the capacity to decrease the burn rate on our planet.

The solution is zero marginal cost

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