The approach to finding a job, particularly in North America and Europe, has remained quite traditional for some time.

The process typically looks like this:

find a job posting that is compatible with what your personal career goals are,

create a resume to be submitted to the HR department,

and write a cover letter that describes what your goals are and what your background is to show how compatible you are with the role.

How personal branding is replacing resumes and cover letters

The process of acquiring a job out of school has gradually changed.

With so many students graduating from university and college each year, fewer and fewer opportunities are available to apply for on the traditional path.

There have been articles written that consider the process of personal branding to be very important in the modern era of recruitment because it allows employers to find your personal brand, interests and skills that they can use to see how compatible your personal brand is with their organization.

Here are a few ways to build a personal brand from scratch that can be used in order to advertise your personal interests, skills and education.

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My point of view: in a digitized world it would be naive to assume that a resume and cover letter is sufficient to start your career. Especially in an overcrowded market for the real challenging jobs and organizations. It will be challenge to be an authentic personal brand; many of us stick to cliches.

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