2017 Digital IQ: How organizations can maximize and profit from technology investments

Since 2007, our Digital IQ research has examined how far organizations have come and what’s needed to unlock value from the next generation of digital technologies.

52% of the 2,200+ executives we surveyed rate their organizations as having a strong Digital IQ

82% of top-performing companies pay attention to the human experience surrounding digital tech

42% of executives see IoT as disruptive to their business model

A decade of digital: Keeping pace with transformation

The world was a simpler place when PwC first set out to measure Digital IQ a decade ago.

“Digital” was just another name for “IT.”

The CIO was not generally regarded as a strategic leader. And putting new technologies to work was a relatively straightforward, and siloed, job.

Today, the scope and scale of digital-driven change has grown immensely, and organizations have invested a lot of time and money to keep up.

Yet company leaders are no better equipped to handle the changes coming their way than they were in 2007.

Organizations aren’t so much falling behind as struggling to keep up with accelerating standards.

How, then, can you consistently unlock value from digital investments in a rapidly advancing world?

The answer is at once simple and infinitely complex: Focus on the human experience:

Rethink how you define and deliver digital initiatives, consider employee and customer interactions at every step of the way, invest in training and culture, and much more.

Source: 2017 Digital IQ: PwC

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