If you are like other CX pros, at some point in your CX career you’ll encounter the “money question.”

Your CEO will ask you: “What’s an improvement in our customers’ experience worth in dollars and cents?” And it’s likely that you won’t have a (good enough) answer.

I say that because I know that 50% of CX pros we surveyed have not modeled how CX quality influences customer behavior.

We know great CX drives revenue.

But to make the case, you need a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding.

So we used data from our Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) and modeled the revenue impact of improving CX.

To do that, we asked three questions:

What is a customer’s loyalty (retention, enrichment and advocacy) worth in revenue dollars?

Is there a relationship between CX quality and loyalty-based revenue?

How does the relationship between CX and revenue potential differ by industry?

Our models gave us nuanced insights into the relationship between CX and revenue. Here are some of our discoveries:

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