The European Commission presents the results of the 2017 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), a tool summarising the performance of the 28 Member States in a wide range of areas, from connectivity and digital skills to the digitisation of businesses and public services.

The 2017 DESI shows that the EU is making progress but the gap between top digital players and lower-performing countries is still too wide.

In terms of ranking, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands lead the DESI this year followed by Luxembourg, Belgium, the UK, Ireland, Estonia, and Austria.

Slovakia and Slovenia are the EU countries which have progressed the most.

Despite some improvements, several Member States including Poland, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, are still lagging behind in their digital development compared to the EU average.

Specific country profiles can be checked at the source: How digital is your country? Europe improves but still needs to close digital gap – Regional Policy – European Commission

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