Key Takeaways

What, When and How to conduct Customer Journey Mapping

Industry insights on UX Journey Mapping

Benefits of Creating a Journey map

Create better products by understanding the needs and emotions of the target audiences through a holistic customer journey.

Understanding Service Design thinking through Journey Mapping and common service language across organizations

89% of organizations expect to compete primarily on customer experience by 2016 Gartner Research, 2015

Poor customer experiences result in an estimated $83 billion loss by US enterprises each year because of defections and abandoned purchases. Forbes, 2013

Only 24% of the companies measure Customer Experience (CX) across channels while the rest measure either at one such touch point.Forrester Report, 2014

Companies too often shy away from focusing on the emotional dimension of CX because emotions seem abstract, intangible, and irrational. What they don’t realize is that emotions are actually quite predictable: They just follow a different set of rules than rational thought. When CX pros better understand how emotions work, they’re better able to guide their firm towards making positive CX the norm.

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