In 2015, the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) showed that narrowing the gender gap in the global labor market would not only be equitable in the broadest sense, but would also double women’s contribution to global GDP growth between 2014 and 20251. A best-in-region scenario, in which all countries match the improvement rate of the fastest-improving country in their region, could add as much as USD 12 trillion, or 11% to global 2025 GDP, and USD 2.1 trillion to Western Europe’s GDP in 2025. The additional USD 2.1 trillion in GDP comes from (i) the increase in hours worked by women; (ii) the higher participation of women in the workforce; and (iii) a greater representation of women in highproductivity sectors. Capturing these opportunities requires to tackle the part time and unpaid work gaps. This narrowing of the gender gap would go beyond a mere GDP increase and improve the representation of women in leadership positions.

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