tumblr_om050yljje1sh1x48o1_500Going from UX to service design; the stark honest truth no one will tell you

The real story of what you need to hear if you’re going to succeed in this transition.

Service design is not UX.

Dear UX designer,

You’ve decided to make a leap towards service design.

I’m proud of you. I admire and support your decision.

After all, it’s what I did.

It hasn’t been easy. It hasn’t been fast.

I look over my shoulder every day wondering how service design fits in the world I live in, and when I’ll be pulled aside and told, “Look, we don’t really understand what you do. I am not even sure you do. It sounds really awesome, and we love the feeling we get when you describe it, but I think it’s best if we part ways.

It’s not us, it’s you.

”This isn’t a rant or admonishment. This is a story that no one told me, a sit down I never had, a letter nobody wrote. A reaction to things I took as a priori that turned out to be a lot more difficult and scary than I thought.I was not prepared for the transition, and neither will you be. If that statement instantly brought up feelings of “Pffft, not me, I’ll be prepared, I’m different, you’re wrong, Erik! I’m not afraid.”

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My point of view: web design is not design. UX is not service design. And I never liked as Nena sang in the 80’s in 99 Red Balloons: “Everyone is Captain Kirk”

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