the-bear-that-wasntThey all tell the bear he is decidedly not a bear, but “silly man who needs a shave and wears a fur coat.” Finally, he is brought to a zoo, but even the zoo bears don’t believe him, because any real bear would be in the zoo with them.

Read the book, or watch the film, but somehow IT managers, CIOs, Head of Digital Innovation, Presidents of Digital Engagement and VPs of Marketing consistently give the customer the feeling that they are that bear.

“Yes, I run our omni-channel digital channel strategy.”

Ah, and that would mean that the 50% of engagements managed by humans on the phone, or in the branch/store, are deeply embedded in this strategy?

“No, we look at digital channels, operations manages customer care/support/service. And technical support? “Technical Support is in another group.”

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