As we have said many times over the last few years: every industry will be digitally remastered. That means its products and services will become significantly digital.

The digital proportion of what customers buy from you will rise, not just how those customers were attracted to you (digital marketing) or how they transact (e-commerce).

This applies to physical products like cars as much as to information products like news.

Of the top buying features you choose your next car on, half might be digital (HUD, stay-in lane, media integration, wireless connectivity, self parking etc).  Think about that for a moment – more of what you really care about is made of data and code; less is made of glass, rubber and metal.

This remastery of products and services is what digital business is really about.

It is why we talk about taking digital to the core. However it can be hard for people to believe this is really happening without examples – especially when we assert that every industry will be impacted – in due course.

Often, I find the best way to bring this strategic reasoning to life, is to show videos that illustrate the trend at work. This can make the discussion more tangible and it helps to spark creative discussions.

Here are ten good examples.

They are links to short public videos you can access without a paywall. I have placed them in no particular order. I hope you find them as inspiring and thought provoking as I do.H

Source: Ten Video Examples of Digital Product Remastery – Mark Raskino

My point of view

These examples are all about industries. But take also into account what

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