“bridging complexity fast I am very proud that the Tesco Service Design playbook was launched officially (internal for now).

The team and I created this resource over the last months to be a useful reference and guide for project teams while they work through a typical project.

The playbook is written from the perspective of teams doing service design projects.

The content is based on actual use of plays – this means: sharing what we learned from using and testing these tools in customer-facing research and design projects.

I hope the playbook can be used to support training and to make people comfortable in using service design techniques when they do their own projects. While the main target audience is teams in research and design, all the tools and plays are produced so they’re easily accessible to people who aren’t researchers or designers by trade.

The playbook is currently made up of 22 plays. There will be more added every fortnight.Teams may find that they are using similar tools in their own work already and that this is a natural extension of their current skills. They may also find new areas of personal growth—new skills and the excitement of being involved in service innovation”

Source: Come play with us – the Tesco Service Design playbook | Roman Schöneboom | Pulse | LinkedIn


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