“I really enjoyed reading a recent article on “strategy” from McKinsey Global Institute.

The article was, “Discussion on digital: How strategy is evolving- and staying the same – in hypergrowth digital age“.

I read the article and surmised that most of what I read was common knowledge, at least around these parts, and pretty consistent with many conversations we have with clients in the area of data and analytics strategy.

Here is my summary of the article, in my words:

3 year strategy is OK but such a strategy is not the same old strategy that you used to know

Strategy needs to live and breathe and not be an annual offsite – some call this “execution is the new strategy” though “think big, act small” works just as fine

Strategy is not only kept in the board room – it needs to connect and thus be visible and understood at operational and tactical levels of the business (e.g. all) in different ways and levels of granularity”

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