bazan_01_142.jpgIt’s Groundhog’s Day, when a sleepy landpig emerges from his little mancave and entertains questions from the press about astronomical phenomena!

As good a day as any to share a few content trends where we at Forrester expect to see considerable acceleration this year.

Here are your 6 content trends and one wannabe-trend that won’t trend in 2017.

The first megatrend

Direct-to-consumer pushes CPG out of the brand advertising comfort zone

Direct-to-consumer plays by the CPG giants, and even more so the CPG small guys, will put substantial pressure on brand marketers to invest in content and experiences that drive action. That means more content for richer websites, email programs, product documentation, and paid and unpaid executions.

Mondelez’s made a $10 billion bet on this, and Unilever’s acquisition of Dollar Shave Club signals their interest in more direct subscription-driven sales.

What does it mean?

Digital agencies with strong content chops and some ecommerce nous will be the winners, as brand teams ramp up their direct marketing capabilities.

The second gigatrend

Stunts and experiential executions set higher bars for hero and community content

Volvo Trucks managed to bring real excitement to the sleepy B2B space with their Van Dammian acrobatics and near-decapitations. And Budweiser showed how quickly a brand team could turn around sentimental sports videos with its in-the-moment Cubs world series win reel. Hyundai and Snickers promise to raise the bar even further for this year’s Super Bowl (jury’s still out whether an ad that is live has any incremental value, but anyhoo). Linked to this, live branded events – extended through digital experiences – will go from occasional side-show for brands to a regular feature.

What does it mean?

Event sponsorships will be eclipsed by elaborately-planned and -conceived event takeovers. And some poor stunt guy or over-confident brand manager’s gonna get killed in one of these stunts.

The third ubertrend

Content intelligence turns us all into metadata crackheads

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My point of view: For me content assumes literacy and access to digital means. Both are often not available. Subsitute content with experience, and i think these trends are indeed relevant in 2017.

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