What’s next for technology leaders

There has not been a time when technology has had a more profound impact on customer experience and revenue performance. By the sheer force of nature, this is evolving the role of the CIO and placing technology leaders front and center.During this webinar, Forrester thought leaders discuss:Customer dynamics that are accelerating change across the enterprise, including technology, business models, and leadership.How best to leverage Agile, DevOps, and design thinking to enable faster delivery of capabilities across the enterprise.The next technology revolution — the key technologies that will reshape how businesses operate and interact with customers: augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and cloud computing.

Hosted by:

Victor Milligan, Chief Marketing Officer (Moderator )Forrester

Sharyn Leaver,VP, Group Director Forrester

Matthew Guarini,VP, Research Director Forrester

Bobby CameronVP, Principal Analyst Forrester

Source: Forrester Webinar: The evolving role of the CIO


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