As digital marketers, when we introduce ourselves to potential clients, we are continuously reflecting on how we describe the work we do and what sets us apart.

How do we them understand what we mean by service design thinking and what that means for their organization in the experience economy and digital era are some things we have to consider.Most organizations spend significant time designing tangible products, but services hardly receive any attention. But, in today’s marketplace, to succeed this needs to change, as generally services are less productive and cause more irritation and frustration to customers than products.

So the heart of service design thinking is to improve and innovate the services customers use across different touchpoints and make a positive impact on them and the employee experience necessary for delivering it. The intent is to create a new value that previously did not exist.

To understand the scope, reach, and scale of service design thinking, would be like setting out for a fishing expedition. You are in the middle of a lake, where you have docked and ready to cast the net and catch fish.

Ok so…

The scale is how BIG your net is i.e. the ecosystem of service experience across different touchpoints for each product line. A big net is good because the chances of catching a big fish or many small fishes are high.

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