Can a professional marketing qualification help marketers to demonstrate the sector’s value – and their own?

What can marketers do to improve their careers, and the sector as a whole?

If the examples of other professions – doctors, accountants and lawyers, for example – are anything to go by, professional qualifications are the way to go.

Across sectors, marketing is increasingly being seen as an important driver of business growth.

Lidia Lüttin, CMO at digital asset management company Bynder, says: “As markets become more competitive, globally, companies are increasingly recognising the importance of building a strong and recognisable brand. Modern businesses regard marketing as the fuel of growth, and the department’s role in the organisation is much broader than creating awareness and running promotional campaigns.”Even if more businesses are seeing the value of marketing, there is still much work to be done.

A lack of understanding about the correlation between marketers’ input and the positive outcomes for a business, as well as insufficient awareness of the skills and knowledge needed to deliver successful marketing campaigns, can undermine attempts to boost the professional standing of marketing.

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