The year’s most popular articles on digital and analytics
The economic essentials of digital strategy
1. The economic essentials of digital strategy
A supply-and-demand guide to digital disruption. More →
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Where machines could replace humans--and where they can't (yet)
2. Where machines could replace humans—and where they can’t (yet)
The technical potential for automation differs dramatically across sectors and activities. More →
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An incumbent's guide to digital disruption
3. An incumbent’s guide to digital disruption
Incumbents needn’t be victims of disruption if they recognize the crucial thresholds in their life cycle, and act in time. More →
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4. Making data analytics work for you—instead of the other way around
Does your data have a purpose? If not, you’re spinning your wheels. Here’s how to discover one and then translate it into action. More →
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5. Digital globalization: The new era of global flows
Soaring flows of data and information now generate more economic value than the global goods trade. More →
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6. The need to lead in data and analytics
In a new survey, executives say senior-leader involvement and the right organizational structure are critical factors in how successful a company’s analytics efforts are, even more important than its technical capabilities or tools. More →
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7. The surprising truth about which countries lead in digital
While European and US companies are at different stages of their digital maturity across sectors, they can each take specific steps to increase digital market share. Here’s how it’s done. More →
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8. Leading in the digital age
The automation of work and the digital disruption of business models place a premium on leaders who can create a vision of change and frame it positively. More →
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9. How companies are using big data and analytics
Just how do major organizations use data and analytics to inform strategic and operational decisions? Senior leaders provide insight into the challenges and opportunities. More →
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10. Big data: Getting a better read on performance
The benefits match those of earlier technology cycles, but companies must scale up their data-analytics skills to reap the gains. More →
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