The work year is winding down and it’s a good time to take stock of what we’ve learned, and make some predictions for next year. This year, I did inquiries and visits with about 500 different technology and service providers, did another 50 or so 1 on 1s at events and took around briefings from around 60 or 70 different vendors. And we ran some large scale surveys. To be sure, there were some unique, one-off, oddball inquiries. But with that large of a sample size, some clear trends started to emerge. So in the realm of B2B technology sales and marketing, here are ten fearless predictions (in no particular order) for 2017. I’m sure I’ll get some wrong, but I can always go for the old baseball adage where 3 hits out of ten gets you an invitation to the all-star game.Account-Based Marketing Will Become the Norm for Most Tech Companies Over $5M in RevenueABM is coming up in almost every discussion I have with clients these days, whether I bring it up or they do. While ABM has been around for many years, the application for net new accounts and at scale is new. Most companies haven’t been doing it for more than a year. And it can be really daunting and scary, resource-intensive and requires buy-in across the company. But despite the obstacles, the interest (and likely adoption) is there because the ROI can be very compelling. More opportunities, increased deal velocity and better efficiency can all result from ABM programs. My prediction is that most companies of a certain size and sophistication with a direct sales function will start doing something ABM-related in 2017. It may only be a pilot or simply planning for 2018. But if you aren’t thinking about it now, you need to start thinking about it soon.

Source: 10 Fearless Predictions for Tech Sales and Marketing in 2017