The new year is almost upon us and it is important to note that trends and behaviors aren’t committed to calendar years.

Behaviors don’t know when the new year is ending and when a new one begins.

But in a world where we write for algorithms and news feeds more than real people, I have to title this piece appropriately so it gets enough engagement to be seen by real human beings.

Human beings are habitual creatures by design.

We learn when we are able to compartmentalize information so it stews in our hippocampus.

So, what awaits brands this upcoming year? What should you plan for or at least have on your radar?

Here are five emerging areas I’m tracking that will have a major effect on how brands operate in 2017.

  1. Headphones as the new user interface for advertising: This is an area we know exists because of podcasting but apps which have always been built on a visual interface will now be built around audio with instructions telling you what to do or interactions. This opens the door for brand voiceovers in this new landscape that will be designed by those entering the emerging field of audio UX. This is a field that understands linguistics, language, how people speak (think the recent film “Arrival”) and also has a background in audio engineering. While you may think people wearing headphones in your open floor office are simply anti-social, brands realize that is untapped space that no banner ad can reach.
  2. Content marketing that places emphasis on more questions than answers

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