It’s hard to know what lies ahead for business technology, so here’s the expert take on what small businesses should look out for.

As this year draws to a close, it’s only natural to think about what could happen in the next.

While this could be just a quick ponder for some, it’s an area of serious consideration for many business owners.

Here, tech experts share their predictions for 2017, focusing on how the latest trends and developments could affect SMEs.

Increase in cyber attacks on SMEs

In 2016 some of the world’s biggest companies, such as Yahoo and Twitter, endured large-scale cyber attacks.More than 51pc of medium-sized organisations in the UK reported a security breach over the past year, with the next line of attacks expected to be aimed at SMEs.

Technological development has driven us towards real-time analysis of huge volumes of data

Max Firth, Experian Business Information Services“Smaller businesses can find it harder than large ones to repair the damage if their data is compromised, and financial repercussions will often hit them harder,” says Joe Siegrist, vice president and general manager at LastPass. “We’re likely to see an increase in cyber attacks on SMEs before we see a decrease, because many businesses need to improve their cyber security.”

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