delivering-a-great-customer-experience_500There should be no debate as to the importance of delivering a great customer experience, especially for technology providers who utilize subscription-based models. Even just focusing post-sale: customer retention, expansion, and advocacy are all sound reasons for investing in enhancing the experience. Don’t minimize this by solely thinking about your support models, or how pleasant an interaction is for the customer.As I advise in our research “Tech Go-to-Market: Implement Customer Experience Initiatives to Drive Retention and Growth,” think about how to best help the customer obtain value from their investment – or partnership – with you. Address the customer’s hierarchy of needs, starting with speeding time to value through obtaining sustainable value. Addressing those needs can take different forms, not of all which are person to person interactions.Consider the following ways in which a great customer experience can be delivered

Source: Delivering a Great Customer Experience – Michael Maziarka