Chances are, there are things on your to-do list you won’t get to today. You’re not alone; in fact, 7 out of every 10 Todoist users have overdue tasks!That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Smart Schedule – a new, AI-powered task scheduler that helps you find the best due dates for your tasks. With Smart Schedule, those overdue tasks can be quickly rescheduled en masse, and unscheduled tasks can be easily assigned to the best due dates.Smart Schedule

How it works

Smart Schedule predicts the best possible dates based on:

  • What you have coming up
  • When you’ve completed tasks in the past
  • The urgency of the task

…and more! Learn how Smart Schedule can help you balance your schedule, roll with the punches, and reach #TodoistZero every day.

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Smart Schedule and your data

With today’s technology, we know that people are rightfully concerned about the way companies use their data – we are, too! We want to be upfront and transparent about how exactly Smart Schedule works to suggest the best due dates:All your personal data (for example, when you usually complete tasks with the word “email”) are processed automatically by the Smart Schedule algorithm. That means it’s never accessed by any service outside of Todoist and never seen by any of our team members. It’s completely private and completely yours.

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