We can be sure of one thing about the future: it will be radically different from today. The global recession shows how quickly things can change – and we face much greater challenges to our economy and way of life, such as scarcity of key resources, rapid population growth, climate change and loss of biodiversity. These problems of sustainability affect our consumers and suppliers around the globe and are putting ever-increasing pressure on our business models. They make it essential for us to reorient our global economy around sustainable, low-carbon patterns of consumption.

Quite 2017, you would say?

I’m so sorry.

A quote from the enclosed paper from much earlier this decade.

Frustrating to realize that halfway this decade most of the outlined scenarios that guide people, politicians and nations towards improvement and innovation has become for the most part likely to remain just a vision.

Be painfully aware that at this moment the scenario “from me to you” resembles your real world (forget the oil price forecast). Yes and of course it runs the risk of getting dated taken into account how dynamic and rapidly changing your world is. Hope is that there will be a shift and a promise to make all our lives better.