So in 2017,  what will smart  CMOs do to survive until  2018?

CMOs must demonstrate their  brands’ promises everywhere.  Specifically:  evolve their brand and CX strategies to close the distance between brands.  We expect that:Brands will go Post Digital. To customers, there are no longer boundaries between the digital and the physical worlds.

CMOs who get this will work to connect with customers emotionally, create one-to-moment, personalized interactions, and  stress a human, helpful, and handy charter as the guiding principles of their marketing efforts.

Organizations will update talent and structure. The scramble to do the right thing by empowered customers next year will finally force CMOs to consider the skills shortage ever-present on their teams.  This will lead to much needed training of existing talent and realigning teams with brand visions and customer needs.

Source: Brace Yourself. 2017 Is Coming. | Forrester Blogs