The rapid pace of digitisation is transforming the component hardware-driven automotive sector to a software- and solutions-focused industry, accelerated by consumers’ evolving digital lifestyle expectations and demands for new and innovative services.

The future roadmap of digitisation in the automotive sector is expected to move rapidly from “digital services” to “car-as-a-service” to “mobility-as-a-service” thereby, the car becoming an element of a connected living solution by 2030.

Source: Frost & Sullivan

In a recent Frost & Sullivan event organized in collaboration with IBM, along with digital heads of major OEMs and suppliers on the eve of the Paris Motor show, it was concluded that by 2020, Internet-connected vehicles will be the number one application, transmitting over 350 KB of data per minute.

The event determined that digitisation in the Automotive industry can be defined around five key pillars:

Connected Supply Chain

Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

Connected and Autonomous Car

Digital Retailing and Vehicle Relationship Management

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

It is believed that most of the savings

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