Brigid* started reading romance novels in her early teens. “It has always been my first love,” she says. She embraced every fantastical sub-genre, from historical drama to paranormal. “I wanted to be swept away.”For Brigid, that love led to career success as a publicist for romance novel authors. She crisscrosses the country, promoting their books and meeting readers. When she’s back home in New York, she spends time with nearby family and unwinds at home in her apartment—by reading fiction. “Which is funny, because I have to read for a living,” she says. Now in her 30s, she finds herself gravitating toward contemporary romances. “You want to believe that your true love could be right round the corner, or on the subway, or looking very sexy on the beach.”

Source: Designing Your (Mid) Life, No Porsche Or Crisis Required | Fast Company | Business + Innovation