Back in November 2014, Facebook announced it was working on a new project tentatively titled “Facebook at Work”. Just as it sounds, Facebook at Work is a commercial version of Facebook, with an enclosed, private network for your business.The main pitch for the platform is this: why use Slack or Yammer or other enterprise solutions for your company which require in-depth training when your employees are already familiar with Facebook and its various functions?The system provides a new opportunity for Facebook, and could deliver significant benefits for brands – and now, almost two years on from that initial mention, Facebook at Work is about to be made available to all.The most important thing to note with Facebook at Work – and likely the biggest misconception The Social Network will need to overcome – is that Facebook at Work exists separately from your personal Facebook graph. It’s a separate app and a separate platform for employees and work-related discussion – businesses will have a contained work space, where employees will have to be logged in to interact, with their personal Facebook accounts and discussions kept separate from the process. In this sense, it’s not exactly Facebook in the workplace as some have suggested – it’s not likely to lead to a sudden increase in wasted time because employees will be caught up responding to posts from friends in amongst work-related content.

Source: Facebook Set to Launch ‘Facebook at Work’ Next Month | Social Media Today