Brian Solis draws some startling conclusions in his latest research on digital transformation — and all of them are likely to lead to sleepless nights for the strategists and executives tasked with leading change within their organizations.”When it comes to digital transformation, we’re just not as far along as we think we are,” Solis, principal analyst at San Francisco-based Altimeter, a Prophet company, told CMSWire.”There’s very little digital maturity.”

The 2016 State of Digital Transformation Report

Solis’ new research, The 2016 State of Digital Transformation concludes, “Companies are still facing significant challenges operating in a digital economy.”Solis, a digital analyst, anthropologist, author and futurist, released his latest industry snapshot on digital transformation today.The report, based on interviews with 500 digital strategists and executives, examines how companies are changing and the challenges and opportunities they face while undergoing their digital transformations.

Age of the Customer or Age of Confusion?

Source: 2016 State of Digital Transformation, are we there yet?