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here is a common but often privately held expectation around digital change and leadership – that it is somehow the preserve of the relatively young. The impression given is that you have to be a millennial (born after 1990) or you have to be a ‘digital native’ – raised as a child of the internet era, to really hack it. Surely you must at least be under 40 – otherwise you just don’t “get it” or you can’t change your outlook, or you lack the necessary energy and risk taking attitude. “Coast off into the chairman role or to the non-exec circuit and let the bright young things get on with it Granddad!”By Mueller / MSC, CC BY 3.0 de,[Listen above or continue reading below – the same blog]If this were true, in many traditional industries, the large companies that are incumbents would then be faced with a stark choice. Either give up and face a slow inevitable demise as a result of digital disruption, or appoint a millennial CEO. Often, neither is an attractive proposition for boards of directors, who are trusted with large amounts of relatively conservative investor’s money and it is in fact a false dilemma for two reasons.

Source: A CEO is never too old to take digital to the core – Mark Raskino

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