While European and US companies are at different stages of their digital maturity across sectors, they can each take specific steps to increase digital market share.

Here’s how it’s done.

Which country leads the world in digital?

Many might be tempted to answer that the US does, but the answer actually depends on what aspect of “digital” you’re looking at. When it comes to Internet penetration, the US has much higher rates than in the EU, 88 percent compared with 71 percent.1 But dig a little deeper and the picture changes.

Where Europe has the edge

When it comes to customer preferences for digital channels, Europe is way ahead. Recent McKinsey research examined the digital customer experience in the mobile telecom sector and found that European customers are more open to digital services than their US counterparts. Almost half of them would be happy to manage their relationships with providers entirely through digital channels, for instance, compared with fewer than a third of customers in the US.2

In both sales and customer care, levels of awareness and usage of self-serve digital channels (such as mobile apps) and live digital channels (such as web chat) are already markedly higher in Europe than in the US (exhibit).

Source: The surprising truth about which countries lead in digital | McKinsey & Company

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