For the third consecutive year Engine undertook a survey to investigate what consumers believe are the qualities of great service. The results reveal the way services make consumers feel and those sectors that provide the best and worst customer service.Over 1,000 consumers were asked the following questions:What’s most important to you in the way a company provides or delivers its service and customer experience? (For instance, through a member of staff, a call centre, a website, a retail store etc.)When you interact with a brand / company, how would you like the experience to make you feel?Brands from which sectors provide the best service and customer experience overall?Brands from which sectors provide the worst service and customer experience overall?In which of these sectors does the quality of service and customer experience you receive from companies matter most when choosing a provider?What would make you most likely to recommend a service to a friend?

Source: Engine annual customer experience survey 2016 – Views – Engine Service Design

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