How to pretend you’re a great designer

Practical tips and principles to trick people into thinking you’re an industry thought leader.

Gabrielle will use delight until your pupils explodeDistract with delight

Don’t know how to justify your excessive use of animations, clever copy, or generic cute illustrations? Just throw the word “delight” in the mix!

Talk about how you understand the user’s psychology–how you’re creating an experience people will love. Who cares if your solution is not functional, expensive to build, or if there’s no data to back up your intuition.

Remind everyone that you’re building a lasting and emotional connection with the user.PRO TIP: Show everyone a graph of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and point out how the warm-and-fuzzy stuff is on the top.Toby is a walking jargon-encyclopedia.Confuse them using industry languag

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