The customer experience has been and will continue to be top of mind for marketers across industries. Positive experiences generate more revenue, brand loyalty, and repeat purchases. On the other hand, a poor experience can have extremely negative ramifications, damaging brand reputation and causing customers to quickly flock to the competition.Econsultancy and Ensighten surveyed more than 600 companies worldwide, finding that “Nearly all (96 percent) surveyed companies deem customer experience optimization important, with more than two in five companies (41 percent) claiming that this is now a high priority for their organization.”The top 3 benefits of a superior customer experience included:Higher engagement and  conversion ratesBetter brand perception and loyaltyRenewal, cross-sell and upsellYou may have seen the statistics by Gartner – in just a few years, 89% of businesses will compete mainly on customer experience.

Source: Key Strategies To Wow Your Customers With A Winning Customer Experience – Digital Doughnut

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