When Megan Miller arrived in San Francisco in November of 2014 to attend Adaptive Path’s annual Service Experience Conference (http://service-experience-conf.com/), she came as a web designer in the midst of an existential quandary. As a member of Stanford University’s in-house Web Services team, the focus of Megan’s passion had recently begun to shift away from her visual and UX design duties and toward a holistic view of her clients’ end-to-end experience. Her team’s web services were an important piece of that experience, to be sure, but there were other pieces: web hosting, ordering and billing services, video-conferencing services, and IT considerations such as workgroup administration and web authentication.

Megan was increasingly drawn to the bigger-picture question of where the gaps might be in that end-to-end experience, and whether principles from her UX design practice might be applicable toward bridging those gaps.When Megan returned to the city one year later, for

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