In early 2015, Singularity Hub ran a series of articles on the Future of Work. Sveta McShane kicked the series off by asking (and answering) the following question:”Have we already entered an era where exponentially growing technologies, among them AI and robotics, will greatly disrupt the way that the majority of people work and earn a living? We believe the answer is yes.”Since then, the technologies driving this restructuring of work have continued to mature, and the debate over their impact on our economy has likewise continued. The questions we explored during the series in 2015 remain top of mind today.How should skill training and education evolve to meet the new needs of the economy?What responsibility does the government play in ensuring the U.S. workforce is prepared for a new wave of jobs?How do more traditional businesses remain competitive with the quickening pace of technological progress?Do we need measures like universal basic income as job automation grows?Below is a mix of articles that explore these complex questions from a range of angles. From 2013-2016, the conversation sounds surprisingly similar. Why do you think that is? We’d love to hear.

Source: 6 Perspectives on How Tech Is Transforming the Economy

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