JDigital services are something Australians, like citizens of all developed nations, are quickly taking for granted. In order to fully embrace this evolution in public service delivery, it’s important to consider success factors in design thinking.The focus on digital integration in the public sector has never been greater. At the recent federal election, for instance, political opinion polls were carried out via digital and online channels and Australians completed the voting enrolment process online, influencing democratic participation in Australia.While this evolution is changing the nature of interactions between politicians and the people, digitisation of the public sector extends well beyond the democratic process. Today, Australians have the opportunity to complete their tax, submit Medicare claims and manage their Centrelink benefits, all via digital channels.Beyond this, the demand for the ongoing evolution of public sector services is clear, with more than half of Australian citizens surveyed by Accenture indicating their desire for greater digital engagement with government, and dissatisfaction with the digital public services currently available.

Source: The vote on design thinking: four factors critical to getting it right | The Mandarin

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