Are these the 10 Ways to get Real-Time Analytics Right

via Forrester Blogs Cullen, ElizabethIn Forrester’s new report, The Insights-Driven Business, my colleagues Ted Schadler, Brian Hopkins and I have identified a predator: the insights-driven business. These businesses are vigorously applying insights to decisions and customer engagements at every opportunity. Their leaders really have a fundamental and emotional understanding of the value of insights to driving their business today – and for developing its future. They have corporate strategies and cultures that that mean that leveraging data, analytics and insights is easy and is deeply embedded in everything they do. For these firms prioritizing and coordinating investments in data, technology is not a tortuous process of guest-imating ROIs and long procurement cycles.

So who are these predators? Well, there are obvious players like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Uber, Netflix etc. But, the less obvious is that there are many long-standing mature enterprises across many different verticals: Alaska Airlines; The Washington Post; some European football clubs; and some retailers and others that we call out in our new report that are successfully transforming into insights-driven businesses today.

Insights-driven Predators Are Eating Your Business

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