According to the study, 63% of respondents say the top channels to the customer will become social media by 2020; 53%, World Wide Web; mobile apps, 47%; and mobile Web, 46%.

The top three technology specific trends that will have the biggest impact on marketing organizations include mobile devices and networks, at 59%; personalization technologies, at 45%; and Internet of things (IoT), at 39%.

What Do Consumers See as the Ideal Customer Experience?

The top five areas consumers identified as leading to a positive experience included:

47% – Fast response to enquiries or complaints

46% – Simple purchasing process

34% – Ability to track orders in real time

25% – Clarity and simplicity of product information across channels

22% – Ability to interact with the company over multiple channels

Marketers must implement strategies for consumers to quickly and seamlessly get the service and response they are seeking across multiple channels.

Source: 86% of Marketers Will Own the Customer Experience by 2020 – Here’s What You Need to Know

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