Shep's blog: The customer experience trends for 2016

Forrester’s CX Index shows that, across the board, companies are getting better at delivering quality customer experiences. But in as much time as it takes to open a celebratory bottle of champagne, the tide of rising customer expectations threatens to push the product or service CX pros have been working on for so long toward obsolescence. Essentially, customer expectations are rising faster than companies can conceptualize, design and deliver improved experiences.

Now, image if you could better manage your customer’s expectations before the delivered experience – first by elevating your customer’s positive emotions as early in the interaction as possible – and initiating a positive emotional momentum that will carry throughout their journey with your brand. It’s called anticipatory CX and it is the most powerful element of customer Experience (CX), that you’re not currently paying attention to. Consider the following:

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via Forrester Blogs Ryan Hart