For the past several months, I’ve been working on a super-secret project.

It’s called GrowthBot.

It’s a chatbot for marketing.

I launched it 7 days ago and it got 10,042 messages in the first 24 hours. and is up to 23,000 messages now.

I was (pleasantly) surprised.

The servers didn’t come crashing down.

Right now, you can ask it a variety of marketing-related questions:

What are the top posts about conversion rate optimization?

Who are the top influencers about landing pages?

What’s trending on

Show me companies in California that use HubSpot (or Google Analytics, Optimizely, etc.)

How was my organic traffic last week? (connects to Google Analytics or HubSpot)

Show me something funny

Give me company info on

I would love for you to check it out. Takes 10 seconds, is free and there’s nothing to download/install. Just go to and click the button.Now, my bigger question:As a marketer, what would you want a chatbot like this to do? Appreciate any and all feedback from the community. You folks are my peeps and GrowthBot was built for you.

Source: Now that marketers have a chatbot, what do you want to ask it to do?

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