Following last year’s highly successful Summit for Marketing Leaders in Shanghai, I’m excited to take on the role as the forum host for Forrester’s upcoming Customer Experience (CX) Marketing Shanghai 2016 Forum, taking place just 7 weeks from now on September 1st at JW Marriott Shanghai.

The line between CX, brand and marketing disciplines has blurred as empowered customers now have more knowledge, more power, and more leverage than ever, over companies, services and products. This year’s forum focuses on fusing CX, brand and marketing, which is the first step to becoming customer obsessed, to build the foundation for driving continuous business success in the age of the customer. We are here to help you answer these questions:

How do companies thrive in this dynamic environment?

How can I combine CX, brand and marketing to create a core competitive advantage for my company?

How do I show the real value of CX to the rest of my organization, including senior executives?

Our CX Marketing Shanghai 2016 Forum brings together the best minds of marketing and CX from both Forrester and leading companies in different industries to discuss forward-looking trends and share best practices. Come attend this one-day forum to:

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