Today, customers expect easy, effective customer service which build positive emotional connections. And they expect this type of service from all companies that they do business with – companies that are both big and small.

Companies use complex software from different vendors to support customer service operations. They use:

  1. Queuing and routing technologies. They capture the customer inquiry, which can be via voice, digital, or social channels, and route and queue the inquiry to the right agent pool.
  2. CRM customer service technologies. They enable customer service agents to create and work the incoming service request.
  3. Workforce optimization technologies. They record agent interactions with customers, evaluate the quality of these interactions, recommend targeted training based on quality scores, manage agent schedules, forecast future schedules and more.

These technologies must be integrated to provide a differentiated quality of service – integrations that are often complex, expensive and cumbersome to maintain which means that only larger, more established companies can provide real differentiated service.

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